5        Information Management


        Every health facility will have an information resource centre that is user friendly and accessed by all workers.

        Staff member will be trained to run and manage their resource centres.

        All hospital resource centres will be computerised.

        Hospital needs reliable data connection. In order to run the system without interruptions IT support person(s) will be trained.

        ELCT HQ should establish information centre, where all essential information on its activities and institutions is available.

        ELCT HQ will make a minimum format of data needed from health facilities for the central information centre.

        ELCT HQ will make a homepage on its activities and activities of its institutions where important information will be available.

        Health institutions will share all the essential information needed to run the hospital with headquarters, dioceses, government and other actors. At hospital level this information should be computerised as much as possible.

        Hospitals with suitable HMIS software will computerize the control of patient, money and material flow. But health centres and dispensaries will use manual records.