Must haves:

Must haves:


Medical and Health Library   

Food and Nutrition Library   

TALC Health and Development  

            Volume 1

            Volume 2

                Volume 3

            Volume 4


Reproductive Health Library no5        


            Volume 1

            Volume 2

Collections from Internet 2003  

Healthnet News from WorldSpace Channel

Healthnet Electronic News for Developing countries

Obstetric Ultrasound



Anaestesiology for Developing countries

            Etc ….


Usefull in their spesific areas:


Reproductive Health Outlook   

Alan Guttmacher Institute:       

International Family Planning Perspectives Journal 1990-1999

Children’s Vaccine Program             

Gavi – Vaccines and Immunizastion  


Nutrition in Africa                 

Vitamin A and immunization       

Sight and See: Vitamin A           

Cd Cynergy Micronutrient Edition  

            Resource CD

            Supplements CD

IDPAS  Iron World III            


Tuberculosis Case Management  

Blood Safety                              


Malaria Information Resource  

Malaria Information Tool – Lite for Africa  

Scaling-up insecticide-treated netting programmes in Africa  

Roll Back Malaria               


Media/Materials for Health Communication               

Quality Assurance Theory and Tools                  




Not free:


Topics of International Health  

            Diarrhoeal Diseases



            Sexually Transmitted Diseases



Humanity Development Library  

World Environmental Library   

Africa Collection for Transition