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Maternity Department

There were 445 deliveries in 2003. There ware one maternal death with a diagnosis of AIDS. She delivered a female baby 1.9 kg on 13.09.03 and died on 18.09.03. The mothers and babies are normally discharged after one or two days. All babies get BCG vaccination soon after birth. We had 25 babies under the weight of 2500 gm. We had 57 caesarean sections in 2003. There was no rapture of uterus. This proves and underlines the good use of partogrammes for all patients and of course the good and timely referral system from the dispensaries. There are only 12 nurse midwifes in the hospital. They are really overworked.

Theatre Department

We had 749 minor operations and 212 major operations in 2003. All patients left our operating rooms fully recovered from anaesthesia. A prayer is said seeking the LORD`S intervention, help and mercy before all operations start. There was no death due to anaesthesia or surgery in theatre. Our dedicated and committed nurse midwife and anaesthetic nurse Sr. Maria Sanga passed away on 16.05.2003. Mr. Tadeo Kiboko worked as anaesthetic assistant up to October 2003 when he left leaving Ms. Vicky Alananga to do anaesthesic, Mr. Richard Mwanzilolela and Lunotsehetso Ngindo assisted.

Again this year credit goes to the competent teamwork of Medelina Sanga, Lunotsehetso Ngindo, Sr. Edda Sanga all who are instrumentists, not forgetting the resident doctors, visiting surgeons and ward nurses for the good work unselfishly done, caring for the operated patients. We are also proud and thank full for the good sterilization rendered by the nurses. Oxygen supply was without problems. for details see appendix 2.1.4.

Tuberculosis and leprosy programme

There were 130 new cases of Tuberculosis in 2003 of whom 3 were children. There were 3 deaths of children and 17 adult deaths. Again as previous years we were privileged to enjoy a good co-operation of national, regional and district TB Leprosy coordinators. The drugs, reagents and Laboratory supplies were received in time. Mr. Richard Mwanzilolela SACO is our TB – Leprosy Coordinator.

Oral and Dental Health Department. By Dr. John Mscheshi – Head of Department and Principal of Dental School

On behalf of our department, I would like to thank God for enabling us to do all departmental health services without much problems this year. Special thanks to the donors and friends in Europe, Ministry of health and the district council. Again our thanks to hospital staffs, leadership, and our Diocese.

  • Year 2003, we managed to have curative services, preventive and training; while expending within minimal costs..
  • In training 22 students completed a one year course in October making a total of 118 students being trained in our department as dental surgery assistant since the school started twelve years ago.
  • Among of them 89% are employed. We continued with our plan to upgrade the school into a Diploma course of Dental Therapists. Nearly 75% of Pre-preparatory requirements for registration are ready. We pray that our dream will come time in year 2004.
  • On the side of curative and preventive services we had a normal routine visits in the schools and M.C.H. clinics and on other side we attended 905 patients with different oral and dental problems; among of them 361 were men and 544 women and 162 children under fifteen years (and 16 under fives years). Much effort and up support is needed for the year 2004 in order to implement our activities planned. See appendix Patients attendance.

Ophthalmology Department By Sr. Edda Sanga Head of Eye Department

The department gives services to patients with eye problems examinations, treatment, minor and major operations. In 2003 Dr. Eric Msigomba – cataract Surgeon from Ilembula Hospital visited us two times and operated 29 cataract patients (intraocular lenses). We thank him a lot and invite him to visit us in future. We had 252 eye patients in 2003.

               Cataract Op. 29            Glaucoma 2            Other operative 2          Xerophthalmia 3

               Glasses Supplied 10     Trachoma 4             Eye ointment 70          Other eye disease 3

               Conjuctivitis 12             Prebyopia 6             Uveitis 5                      Normal eyes 10

               Trauma 9                     Return visits 10        Aphakia 5                    Other refractive errors 3 

Laboratory and Blood Transfusion: By Anna Mtweve:- Laboratory Assistant.

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