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In health care more research is always needed to improve the quality of what we do, find new ways and evaluate on what we are doing. ELCT health department is very keen to collaborate on research that can benefit the work we do.

We will state subjects and areas where we see a need for further research on this website:

• Palliative care in and African setting

• Reproductive Health in rural setting of Africa

• Sustainability of faith based health services.

• Technology and its application in the modern medicine

• Non Communicable & life style Diseases in African setting

• Various studies in rational use and efficacy of various medicine in the resource limited environment

• The use and impact of spiritual services in the Faith based Health facilities etc

If you have any research project you think could benefit our work , facilities, programs communities and experience can be used in the future improvement of Health care in ELCT and Tanzania at large, please do not hesitate to contact Dr Paul Mmbando 

"Partnership for Healthy Communities for A Healthy Nation"