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Lugala Hospital

Lugala Lutheran Hospital is owned by the Evangelical Lutheran Church, Diocese of Ulanga Kilombero. About 92659 people (2002 census) live within the service area and the hospital is serving them with 137 beds. The hospital should therefore have at least 92 official beds supported by the government. At present the number of official beds is 57.

The members of staff include 2 doctors, 5 clinical officers, 15 nurses of different level and the total number of staff is 71.

The hospital has the following departments: outpatient department, theatre, pharmacy including the infusion unit, male ward, female ward and children's ward, maternity unit, Mother and child health (MCH) department, workshop and administration department.

It has one mobile clinic and is supervising 2 dispensaries. There is also a training centre, which is used for different kinds of courses.

More information you will find in Annual report. and in the Strategic plan for the period 2004 - 2010

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