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Gonja Hospital

Gonja Lutheran Hospital is owned by Pare diosesis. Out of ELCT hospitals it has had biggest economical problems, which can be seen in its physical condition. Inspite of the difficulties the hospital has been able to give also operative services and the staff are doing their best with the facilities and resources they have. It is very much needed in the mountainous area, where getting to hospital means hours of walking. The government has seen the importance of the hospitals and there is good hope that it will get the DDH status. That will help a lot to run the hospital. But it needs also urgently renovation.

The hospital has 40 beds and average number of outpatients is 50. The hospital has 2 doctors and 1 clinical officer, 11 nurses of different grades and total staff is 44. The catchment population is 124000. The hospital is responsible of 10 dispensaries and 1 health center.

More detailed information is available in Kiswahili in the Annual Report.

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