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The hospital has a missionary surgeon from Germany and can help a wide range of surgical patients. Also this year Dr. Onesmo Rwakyendela returned from South Africa from his specialization of Obstetrics and Gynecology. The total number of major surgical operations was 1084, out of which 319 were caesarean sections.

The hospital has very active eyecare unit with AMO Dr. Rwabukambwe specialized in eye diseases. They had 5139 visits during the year 3309 of which were in mobile unit. They made 265 eye operations.

The dental unit with ADO (Assistant Dental Officer) Dr. Rwamulaza saw 1412 patients in the hospital and 917 in the mobile clinic in 19 different dispensaries or health centers.

The number of visits in the reproductive health clinic increased during the year. Mobile clinics were done as planned every Thursday. There were no outbreaks of infectious diseases such as measles and polio this year.

The technical department staff continued to keep up the daily maintenance of the buildings electricity and water systems during year 2002.

Morning devotions and Sunday Services were held in the hospital. Spiritual services also were rendered to patients, relatives of patients and to hospital staff. Church elders and Staff Volunteers, with the help of a Pastor Student Jonathan Ntwale, conducted morning devotions.

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