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Internship and Volunteers

Having interns and volunteers in our facilities and programs is something we see as good opportunity. The ELCT health facilities get inspiration and knowledge from outside, more hands to help and build good long lasting relationships, which helps us to make the world aware of what we do. For those coming here it is most often very rewarding and much is learned by seeing and doing under the circumstances that our facilities are and the illnesses and challenges we face here. 

Some facilities have organized programs of their own and for other places things can be arranged. 

If you are a health professional and wish to spend some time with us, you are welcome to contact us and we will see how we can help and facilitate arrangements for you. 

We also have various health programs (ranging from Palliative and Hospice care, Reproductive Health, HIV/AIDS, ICT and telemedicine, Primary health care programs etc .) which can also be areas of interest for some of our potential volunteers and interns from oversees. 

When writing please state the period of time you have in mind, the objectives of your stay and in which field or specialty you are interested. Also please remember that arrangements take time and so do some procedures with visa and coming here – so please allow a fair time to get things well arranged. 

For further inquiries please contact Dr Paul Mmbando or Mette Kristensen . 

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