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Visitors guide and contact info

Lugala hospital is located at Malinyi / Ulanga District in Morogoro Region in southern Tanzania. There are two ways to travel. Several busses go daily from Dar es Salaam to Ifakara. From Ifakara there are small buses and lorries driving to Malinyi. The road is good up to Kidatu (between Mikumi and Ifakara). From Kidatu to Malinyi, 220km, the road is dirty, rough and during the rainy season it may be difficult to pass.

There is a line of rail going from Dar es Salaam to Kapiri Mposhi (in Zambia), the Tanzania Zambia Railway Authority (TAZARA). Trains from Dar es Salaam pass Ifakara once a week.

In addition, there is a small air-strip near Lugala Hospital which is used for medical flights and you can ask AMREF in Dar es Salaam if a flight is available. Communication with the hospital is through post, e-mail and radio call. The hospital has got a guesthouse where meals for visitors can be provided.

Lugala Lutheran Hospital
Doctor in charge: Claus Peter Hellmold
Matron: Neema Kyelula
phone: +255-789 300 869
post: Lugala Lutheran Hospital
P.O.Box 11, Malinyi (via Ifakara)

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