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Bumbuli Hospital

Bumbuli hospital is located in the beautiful Usambara Mountains and is owned by the Northeast Dioceses (NED). The hospital has a Clinical Officers Training Collage. It serves a catchment area of about 125,000 people, most of whom are of the Wasambaa tribe. The hospital has 120 beds, but bed occupancy is low because there are several private clinics around and improved and cheaper government services. The hospital does not have DDH status and the poor local people are not able to pay full fees.

Bumbuli Hospital supervises six dispensaries within the NED. The nearest is about 80 km away and the farthest about 250 km. One more dispensary in Mlalo is about to be registered. It has two leprosy camps, and a Clinical Officers upgrading training center. 

The hospital has 7 doctors, 5 Clinical Officers, 18 nurses and the total staff is 61. 

More information about the hospital you will find in Annual report

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