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Visitors guide and contact info

The hospital is built on the shore of lake Malawi and at the foot of the Livingstone mountains in South Tanzania. Daily busses and trains go from Dar es Salam to Mbeya. From Mbeya good tarmac road goes to the border of Malawi over beautiful mountains. The junction to Matema is 3km before Kyela and the last 50 km is rough road and during rainy season may be blocked for some time.

The ELCT beach resort with full board is available for accommodation of guests next to the hospital. Contacting hospital may take some time. The fastest way is to use cellular phone, but it is functioning only in some spots and Dr in Charge checks daily if there are sms and can make appointments for phone calls. Doctor is able to read her private e-mail only when she is visiting Mbeya.

Matema Lutheran Hospital
Doctor in charge: Christopher Mwasongela
Matron: Richard Amasa Mwakisale
Phone: +255 684 806 363
Matema Lutheran Hospital
P.O. Box 84, Ipinda, Kyela

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