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Itete Hospital was started in the late 1950's by Finnish Missionaries and was Completed in 1963. Since then it has been expanding gradually . At the very top of Kabembe hill where the Hospital exist was small Dispensaries built by German Missionaries in 1910 and was destroyed in world war l. Ten years later i.e 1920s they again built a 30 - bed Hospital which was destroyed in world war ll.

Itete is in Mbeya Region , Rungwe District it is situated in the southern highlands of Tanzania in the Rift Valley. It is located few kilometres in the post of Livingstone Mountain ranges, 32 Km North of lake Nyasa. It was built at the top of a crater at an altitude of 1040m above sea level. The area is of tropical type of climate with fertile volcanic soils. The area is endowed with fertile soils and enough rainfall, this enables people raise a variety of both cash and food crops. This puts the area above average in terms of Nutritional status in Tanzania.

The main tribe living in our catchment area is the Nyakyusa whose people are called Wanyakyusa. Most of the People maintain their traditional culture they have their own local belief and live in extended families. Kinyakyusa is the Mother tongue, it's commonly used as medium of communication though middle aged and young people use Kiswahili (the National Language). Major cash crops grown in the area include bananas, beans ,maize, etc. A few kilometres in the north you can find tea crop being grown, while in the south cocoa and rice are abundantly grown. Livestock keeping is another very important economic activity among the people around Itete, the mainly keep cattle and poultry. Normally livestock is kept in small scale and for commercial purposes, as such many people cannot afford to have meat, milk and eggs as part of their meals. The District Administrative headquarters is in Tukuyu about 42 kms east, gravel - road to the headquarters is passable almost all year around except during heavy rainfall (March and April) when only 4 - wheel- Drive cars manage to pass through. It is in this small town where there are several public Services namely, Bank,Post Office,Petrol stations (fue filling stations ) mini supermarkets , etc.

Regional headquarters is in Mbeya which is an expanding town situated at the junction of the main road from Dar Es salaam to Zambia in the west and to Malawi in the South. It is a two-hour-drive to Mbeya town,i.e from Tukuyu to Mbeya) you find a new tarmac road, Itete has a reliable water Supply tapped from a spring 3km north of the Hospital though the pipes are now new pipes has replaced. We have a small hydroelectric power (HEP) station 6 kms South East of the Hospital which cater for our power needs all year round for at least 20 hrs a day . It's power ranges between 20 and 70 kw depending on the river regime. Our neighboring Hospital include Tukuyu Government Hospital (District Hospital, 134 beds and has permanent Theatre Services), (Igogwe Roman Catholic, 118 beds ,Closely Co-Operative with us).

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