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There are some sites good to know in Tanzania like Ministry of Health, National Research Institute, Muhimbili University College of Health Sciences Christian Social Services Commission CSSC is helping churches in their health and education work.
Interchurch Medical Assistance, IMA is and organization providing essential products and services for emergency, health and development programs.

Muhimbili has also made a nice Health Exchange Forum. They have selected many useful publications, guidelines and links for health workers in Tanzania. Also they have specialists, who give free consultations by e-mail. That is the best site for health professionals in Tanzania.

Otherwise there are many good collections of links useful in health work in developing countries. Some of those sites are given here. 
INASP International Network for the Availability of Scientific Publications has an extensive list of health links and African Journals on Line.
When you are looking for free medical journals you should visit
 Free Medical Journals, which has links to over 1000 journals and Free Medical Books has links to over 600 books online.
 WHO e-commerce site to purchase a printed copy online or obtain information on other ordering channels. There is a very good collection of CD-ROMS useful in developing countries. Many of them are free of charge.Teaching Aids in Low Costs is a good source of CD-Roms and other medical and nursing books.

The international medical humanitarian organisation Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) today launched a website on which it makes available, for free, published research based on its medical work. The articles have been published in journals such as BMJ, New England Journal of Medicine, PloS Medicine, The Lancet, and Transactions of the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene.

Publications related to Quality Assurance Projects

Id21 is publishing research findings and policy recommendations to development practitioners worldwide.

"Partnership for Healthy Communities for A Healthy Nation"