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Evangelical Lutheran Church of Tanzania has 24 hospitals and 150 health centers and dispensaries all around Tanzania. Often the church hospitals are located in remote areas and serve the poor people.

ELCT Headquarters and it's health department is located in Arusha town in the Northern Tanzania. There are several different projects in ELCT Health Department . Currently those projects are ICT Project with telemedicine part, MEMS for pharmacy services, Malaria Communities Programme, Palliative Care Project, Primary Health Care, and Clinical Quality Assurance with hospital hygiene part, Health Care Technical Services, ARV project and Advocacy Work. New projects can be started depending on the availability of staff and resources.

Welcome to join ELCT health department to serve the hospitals within different projects or to work in the hospitals. ELCT Health Department can assist health care personnel such as dentists, physiotherapists, specialists, doctors, tutors and other health care personnel as well as supporting staff to find good opportunities in our hospitals, where you can teach and work with other staff. More information about the opportunities can be found in this document

If you are interested to work shorter or longer periods in our hospitals or health department please contact by email: Dr Geofrey Sigalla, Medical Director or Ritva Niemi, Quality Coordinator

"Partnership for Healthy Communities for A Healthy Nation"