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The program was started in 2008, two phases have already been implemented and vast benefits have been realized. More than 43 hospitals were connected to the Telemedicine network and over 600 cases have been consulted. The focus of the former phases was to penetrate specialized care to peoples in underserved areas. Currently the project is in its initial stages of implementing the phase III which focus on strengthening referral care by complementing the traditional referral system with electronic system whereby patients in underserved areas will start to access referral care distantly just through computers installed in nearby dispensaries. By definition Telemedicine is treatment and diagnosis of patients in remote areas by make use of ICT to access their medical information remotely. The inititative benefits patients, medical professions,health facilities and healthcare system at large. Patient benefits directly as the technology eliminates travelling costs, cuts shot waiting time, enhance quality of care and accessibility. 

After extensive research for a viable Telemedicine-technology ideal for slow internet connections a store and forward Telemedicine technology was adopted. Store and forward Telemedicine is simple, it is ideal for non-urgent cases, requires less resources to deploy, requires relatively little initial investment cost yet it is powerful enough to support cases in all medical specialties. Despite of the stated simplicity of store and forward but it is capable to support cases in all medical specialties such as dermatology, ENT,internal medicine, surgical etc

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